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Tree Child

Story by Ellen Ensley Created 2002-08-06
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Chapter 5 - Bloody Beef Heart

The next food-stuff attempted, as recommended in my continual search for owl knowledge, was raw beef heart. The butcher looked at me strangely. Apparently, he didn't get a lot of request for beef hearts. He handed me a huge, heavy package, wrapped in white butcher paper and already dripping blood.

The beef heart was bigger than the owl! I rushed home and unwrapped the heart. It was disgusting! It was enormous, blood red, and hard as a rock. The owl was set on the edge of the kitchen counter where he watched the proceedings with his circular head motion.
Out came the largest, sharpest carving knife in the drawer, and an oversized carving fork. Attempting to carve the heart was like attempting to carve a stone! It slipped and went skittering across the counter, leaving a trail of blood. I attacked it again. This time the skin was pierced, and crimson blood spurted out everywhere. I was splattered with blood, the walls were splattered with blood, and the owl was splattered with blood. Sticky red rivlets were running off the counter top. Every time I tried to carve the heart it would squirt some more.

The owl was having a grand time watching this fiasco. By now Sushi was beginning to talk in owlese. He had quite a variety of sounds, from grumbles to clicks, hisses, and even what sounded like a little chuckle. Today, he was making his chuckling noises.

Finally, I managed to shave a little of the hard muscle off the reluctant heart, and proudly presented it to the chuckling bird. Sushi ate one little piece, picked at the rest, then completely turned his back on it, refusing to eat. But, he was still chuckling. So much for the beef heart.

About the time Sushi turned his back on the bloody beef heart, Steve arrived home from work. He took one look at the gory mess, and started laughing so hard, he collapsed in the recliner.
"O.K., who did you murder?" He could barely squeeze out the sentences between his guffaws. "It's o.k., you can tell me. You can plead insanity. I'll testify to that! We'll get you a good attorney, and I'll visit the asylum often!" Tears of mirth were running down his face.

I threw a chunk of bloody beef heart at him, and it made a warm, indelible splat on my peach wall when he ducked. That only made him laugh harder.

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