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Doug Von Gausig

Doug Von Gausig



Contributions by Doug Von Gausig


Common Barn Owl - Tyto alba Pair Calling Peck's Lake, New York, USA. August. ©
Common Barn Owl - Tyto alba Twittering Elkhorn Slough, Central California, USA. ©
Common Barn Owl - Tyto alba Typical call Prescott, Arizona, USA. ©
Great Horned Owl - Bubo virginianus Pair calling Peck's Lake, New York, USA. March. ©
Mottled Owl - Strix virgata Call Monteverde, Costa Rica. June 1999. ©
Black-and-White Owl - Strix nigrolineata Call El Pizote, Costa Rica. June 1999. ©
Spectacled Owl - Pulsatrix perspicillata Threat Call, female El Gavilan, Costa Rica. June 1999. ©
Northern Pygmy Owl - Glaucidium californicum Typical call (female?) East of Monterrey, California, USA. ©
Ridgway's Pygmy Owl - Glaucidium ridgwayi Typical call Southern Arizona, USA. ©
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