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from Naples, Florida on 2016-01-10
The burrowing Owl has a natural habitat at Naples Airport in Florida... They actually had to stop building in that airport in a effort to avoid interrupting their natural habitat...

from San Diego California on 2015-12-28
This site has changed my life and inspired me to become more knowledgeable about owls. Thank you.

from Landing, New Jersey on 2015-12-11
I've searched the web for help to identify the sound & bird that's nesting in my backyard. Your site was the only one that had the calling sounds with pictures that helped me identify the bird as a screeching owl. I love to watch birds & THANKS to you I will know what birds I'm watching. Keep up the GREAT work.

from Wales on 2015-10-31
I've been visiting this great site for years. I absolutely love those stories by Josephine Scandi and Jordi Trilla. Just this evening I heard Tawny owls call to each other, on halloween!...wonderful.

from Pittsburgh, PA, USA on 2015-10-06
I (re)found this while cleaning out my bookmarks. Hard to believe I had forgotten about it, given that I love owls as much as I do. I even have an owl tattoo! I'm happy that I can browse the site still and it's really a good pick-me-up. I'm always amazed at how cool owls are.

on 2015-09-24
Swiggity Swoogity these owls are cuties c:

from Canada on 2015-08-18
Was just flipping pages on google.. When I came across this website.. One of its kind.. Great work done.. Loved it.. The effort put in here is seen.. Keep up the great work.. #Love

from indiana on 2015-07-19
lovely owls i think owls are lovely i want to learn more!

from Troy, Montana on 2015-06-19
Love your site!!!

from Bodega, California on 2015-06-18
I live out on a ranch in Bodega. Hearing an owl's hoot at night is music to my ears. It's one of the many sounds in nature that I cherish.

from Kansas on 2015-06-04
this is a good website because it has all the owls I can think of and I really like owls because they have very cool characteristics.

from Schweiz on 2015-05-03
So eine schöne und sehr informative Seite! Ich liebe Eulen sehr!

from Fingal Bay on 2015-03-31
love owls totes my fav thing in the whole world!

from Fingal Bay on 2015-03-31
i tots love owls they are my fave animal

from Littleton, Co on 2015-03-12
Found this site after looking up info on two owls nesting in trees near my backyard.

from Illinois on 2015-02-10
I just love owls!

celeste on 2015-02-04
Owls are my #1 favorite animal! Thanks for making a page about them!!

from West Virginia on 2015-01-26
I enjoyed your info and pictures of owls. I have always loved owls. Last week, my husband and I were driving, and we saw an owl lying along side the road. We stopped, and brought the poor creature home. We took some pictures of him. He had a 30 inch wing span. We gave him a name, and then buried him with dignity. I couldnt stand the thought of him being food for a vulture. I felt sad, and honored to have been part of his life, if only for a short moment.

from Mobile, AL on 2014-11-20
I teach Kindergarten and was looking for information on owls. This is an excellent site full of good pictures and information. Thank you.

from France (Aubenas; Ardèche) on 2014-10-28
Thanks for the suberb photos. Wonderful. Best regards. Pierre Busset (France).

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