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from georgia on 2014-03-25
ive never seen a owl up close and personal until today, and im soooo excited.... i love them so much, i wish i could hold one so much....

Sofia Hernandez from California on 2014-03-20
hahaha heyyyyy people i have a thing for science honors so i have to look up owls,

from Depok, West Java, IND on 2014-03-17
I love to visit this site, because there any interesting information especially for the development of owl :)

from VA on 2014-03-10
I am just now getting very interested in owls. Such beautiful creatures, I am beginning to be a collector little at a time.

from Oregon on 2014-01-27
owls are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from La Crosse, WI on 2014-01-16
An avid Owl Collector, my Mother In-Law passed away a few days ago. We are trying to locate the best way to sell her collections preferably as a large lot to the right person or museum.Any ideas Owl lovers? Thanks!

from Indonesia on 2014-01-15
This place is what i've been looking for ! ! I love Owl so much that turn it into my own design logo. Thank you !

from Cincinnati on 2014-01-02
I've had a Barred owl in our backyard since last spring and am absolutely intrigued. The loud calls in the middle of the night are so cool. I witnessed it this morning in our backyard swoop up into a pine tree and devour a chipmunk. Not a birdwatcher bird lover per se, but I am fascinated with this beautiful creature.

from Dutchess county , N.Y. on 2013-12-23
Love photographing and recording owls

from Maryland, USA on 2013-12-18
Owls have fascinated me forever. Have led owl prowls and travelled to see exotics. Always interested in learning more.

from USA on 2013-12-10
Owls are just amazing!

Ellie on 2013-12-06
This page is so helpful!! I had a school project and this helped so much!

from oregon on 2013-12-01
I ABSOLUTELY ADORE owls!!!!! They're beautiful!

from North Carolina on 2013-08-31
I love owls very much and I'm really fascinated by them. I have owls everywhere in my house and I also have a tattoo of an owl. They are really special animals!!! I loved this website!!!

owwly on 2013-08-12
Owls are so cute

delaney from chattanooga on 2013-08-10
i love owls they are my favarite animals my room is coverd with owls i have owl curtains and every thing my friend alyssa willams likes owls to.

Grace The Owl Luver Hi Hello W on 2013-07-13
I love owls so much and they are awesome! Do not listen to any one who says they aren't!

Grace on 2013-07-12
owls are epically awesome dont listen to anyone who sez they aint

from Indonesia on 2013-07-10
I love owl very much , I have oriental bay owl as my partner I kept him from baby now he,s a brancher :D

from greenville,ny on 2013-07-05