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Owl Nest Box Links:

Barn Owl Headquarters - Information on attracting Barn Owls for rodent control through the use of nest boxes.

Barn Owl House Plans - PVC and aluminium design Scott Spear. - A new Barn Owl Box design constructed from durable, UV-resistant plastic. The now also make Screech Owl boxes.

How to make and erect a Barn Owl nestbox - From the Barn Owl Trust.

The Barn Owl (Tyto alba) - Detailed information on building nest boxes for Barn Owls. 

Building a Barred Owl Nestbox - From the famed 'Owlcam' website.

Barred Owl Box Plans - Plans for building and mounting a Bared Owl nest box.

Burrowing Owls - Artificial Nest Box Project

Building an Artificial Nesting Structure - Build an artificial underground burrow for Burrowing Owls.

2' X 2' Platform - For Red-tailed Hawks & Great Horned Owls

Artificial Nest for the Neighbors - Follows the construction of an artificial nest platform for Great Horned Owls.

Northern Saw-whet and Boreal Owls - Plans and advice for putting up boxes for the Northern Saw-whet and Boreal Owls. Slide show format.

Build it and they will come - Instructions for building and placing a screech owl nest box.

Hoot - Manufacturer of premium hand crafted screech-owl houses.

Owl Shack - Manufacture and sales of Screech Owl nest boxes.

Screech Owl nest log - amazing natural-looking nest logs for Screech owls. - Woodland Habitat helps you to provide habitat for wildlife through various nest boxes.

Coveside Bird Houses - Nest boxes for cavity-nesting owls.

Coveside Conservation Products - Pre-built owl houses for Barred, Barn and Northern Saw-whet Owls.

Owl Boxes - Owl boxes and barn Owl boxes for pest and rodent control in orchards, vineyards and farms.

The Owl Box - Boxes for sale for British owls and wildlife. All hand made and sent fully constructed, available in 4 colours of water based wood preservative to blend in with surroundings and roof covered in roof felt for extra protection.

Wild Bird Store online - Complete owl houses for Barn, Barred, Screech and Saw-whet Owls.

Yard Envy Owl & bird houses - Includes pre-made nestboxes for Barred, Barn, Screech and Saw-whet Owls.

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