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Owls released after treatment at LSU Wildlife Hospital

Article Date: 2005-06-09   Source:   Comments: 0

By Mike Dunne

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A. - The woods and fields south of Louisiana State University got a little wiser Wednesday evening.

Two symbols of wisdom - a barred owl and a great horned owl - were returned to the wild after being treated at LSU's Wildlife Hospital.

Dr. Mark Mitchell and his students repaired the wing on one and treated an abscessed infection on the other so the birds could return to the wild.

Before both flew the coop, so to speak, Lakota-Cherokee-MicMaq Indian Johnice Daniel performed a purification ceremony, singing a song in Lakota "praising all your creation."

The owl is seen as a sign of wisdom to Lakotas, the American Indians portrayed in the movie "Dances with Wolves." The Cherokee and the MicMaq consider the owl a symbol of wisdom but one whose appearance usually foretells a negative event.

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