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Rehabilitated owl released

Article Date: 2009-01-23   Source:   Comments: 0

Holland, Michigan, U.S.A. - One group of kids is unlikely to forget a story of survival and hope that they witnessed Friday.

A snowy owl got a new start on life Friday. Workers in Fennville had found the owl by a barn in November, sick and starving. He was emaciated, at 50 percent of his body weight.

A vet at MSU took the owl in, nurtured it, and for the last two months has worked with it to get the owl to be able to take care of itself again.

The Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, uses birds like that owl to teach children, and the kids from Bentheim Elementary were on site Friday as the center released the owl back to the wild.

At the magic moment they cheered and waved as the prepared to take a touching life-lesson back to their own homes.

"At least it's got a good chance now," said Travis Williams, Executive Director of the Outdoor Discovery Center, "it has a full stomach, it's been rehabilitated, the mites on it are gone, so it has a chance to survive."

The center isn't confident that the bird will make it. Snowy owls struggle to stay alive as it is, but at least its chances are better than it was before.

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