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Rufous-legged Owl - Strix rufipes

Calls - Strix rufipes
Call variation © Felix Vidoz
Call variation © Felix Vidoz
Call variation © Felix Vidoz
Contact call (?) © Felix Vidoz
Call variation January 1994 (mid-summer) © Felix Vidoz
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Status: Uncertain, possibly threatened locally.

Original Description: King, Philip Parker (Rear Admiral). 1827. (The) Zoological Journal 3. (Zool. J.; Conducted by Thomas Bell, John George Children, James de Carle Sowerby, and GB Sowerby. [From vol. 3 edited by NA Vigors, with the co-operation of Thomas Bell, ET Bennett, JE Bicheno, WJ Broderip, JG Children, Thomas Hardwick, T Horsfield, W Kirby, J de Carle Sowerby, W Yarrell] 1824-1835 5 vols., 8vo): p 426.

Subspecies: S. r. rufipes, S. r. sanborni


König, Weick and Becking. 1999. "Owls: A Guide to the Owls of the World". Yale University Press

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