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Owls: Species: Tyto

Family: Tytonidae, Subfamily: Tytoninae, Genus: Tyto
Tyto tenebricosa Greater Sooty Owl
Tyto multipunctata Lesser Sooty Owl
Tyto inexspectata Minahassa Masked Owl, Minahassa Barn Owl, Sulawesi Golden Owl
Tyto nigrobrunnea Taliabu Masked Owl, Sula Island Masked Owl
Tyto sororcula Lesser Masked Owl, Moluccan Masked Owl
Tyto manusi Manus Masked Owl
Tyto aurantia New Britain Barn Owl, New Britain Masked Owl
Tyto novaehollandiae Australian Masked Owl
Tyto castanops Tasmanian Masked Owl
Tyto rosenbergii Celebes Barn Owl, Sulawesi Masked Owl
Tyto soumagnei Madagascar Red Owl, Soumagnes Grass Owl, Madagascar Grass Owl
Tyto alba Common Barn Owl
Tyto deroepstorffi Andaman Masked Owl, Andaman Barn Owl
Tyto glaucops Ashy-faced Owl, Hispaniolan Barn Owl
Tyto capensis African Grass Owl, Common Grass Owl
Tyto longimembris Eastern Grass Owl
Tyto prigoginei Congo Bay Owl, African Bay Owl, Itombwe Owl

Total of 17 Owl species displayed.

Species list derived mainly from, Global Owl Project & Koenig, Weick & Becking

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