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Tiwi Masked Owl - Tyto novaehollandiae melvillensis

Originally called the Melville Island Chestnut-faced Owl

Description: The Tiwi subspecies is only slightly different from the subspecies occurring on mainland northern Australia. It is a bit darker, with other minor plumage differences.

Range: Confined to Bathurst and Melville Islands (Known as the Tiwi Islands) in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Also see the nominate description for this species.

Status: Vulnerable to Endangered

Original Description: Mathews. 1912. Australian Avian Record, 2, p. 35, no. 394 A.


Woinarski, John. 2002. "Threatened Species of the Northern Territory: Masked Owl (Tiwi subspecies) Tyto novaehollandiae melvillensis". Parks & Wildlife Commission N.T.

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