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Owl Calls & Sounds

Page 6 - Ninox boobook to Asio capensis

Ninox boobook - Southern Boobook Owl [Found in: Oceania, Asia, Australia]
Typical call Engadine, NSW, Australia. October 2003. © Richard Jackson
Typical Duet © John Young
Ninox novaeseelandiae - Morepork [Found in: Oceania, New Zealand]
Typical call Paparoa National Park, New Zealand. November 2012. CC George Wagner
Ninox scutulata - Brown Hawk Owl [Found in: Asia, India, Sri Lanka]
Pre-Call 'Cooing' Chitwan, Nepal © Dave Farrow
Typical call (northern form) Southern Primorski Krai, Russian Far East. © Bruce Marcot
Ninox affinis - Andaman Hawk Owl [Found in: Asia, Andaman Islands]
Typical call South Andaman © Dave Farrow
Ninox ochracea - Ochre-bellied Hawk Owl [Found in: Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi]
Male territorial calls Dumogo Bone, Sulawesi © Dave Farrow
Ninox squamipila - Moluccan Hawk Owl [Found in: Asia, Indonesia]
Typical Calls (Duet?) Halmahera, Indonesia (N. s. hypogramma) © Dave Farrow
Ninox natalis - Christmas Island Hawk Owl [Found in: Asia, Christmas Island]
Typical calls Christmas Island. March 2015. © Richard Jackson
Barking call Christmas Island. © Richard Hill
Ninox theomacha - Jungle Hawk Owl [Found in: Oceania, Asia, Indonesia]
Typical calls Elevala River, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. June 2007. CC Nick Athanas
Ninox punctulata - Speckled Hawk Owl [Found in: Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi]
Typical Calls Lore Lindu, Sulawesi © Dave Farrow
Pre-call 1 Often precedes Typical call - Lore Lindu, Sulawesi © Dave Farrow
Pre-call 2 Often precedes Typical call - Lore Lindu, Sulawesi © Dave Farrow
Asio clamator - Striped Owl [Found in: South America, Central America, North America, Mexico]
Typical calls Brazil © Nunes D'Acosta
Agitated Brazil © Nunes D'Acosta
Defending territory Brazil © Nunes D'Acosta
Defending nest Brazil © Nunes D'Acosta
Asio stygius - Stygian Owl [Found in: South America|Central America|North America]
Typical hoots Silves, Amazonas, Brazil. July 2013. CC Thiago Bicudo
Calls Nova Friburgo, Brazil. July 2009. CC Nick Athanas
Asio otus - Long-eared Owl [Found in: North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada, Mexico]
Typical male © Brinzal
Typical female © Brinzal
Courtship wing clap © Brinzal
Alarmed France © Jackie Becker
Young Brembo river, Bergamo, North Italy, July 2005 © Marco Mastrorilli
Fledged young France © Vivienne Lucas
Adults & fledged young France © Jackie Becker
Asio flammeus - Short-eared Owl [Found in: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA]
Typical male Spain © Brinzal
Female response (?) Spain © Brinzal
Chick © Nunes D'Acosta
Disturbed © Nunes D'Acosta
Asio capensis - African Marsh Owl [Found in: Africa, Madagascar]
Typical Calls Lac de Sidi, Bourhaba, Morocco. April 2012. © Tero Linjama

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