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Species Accounts:

Glaucidium radiatum - Barred Jungle Owlet - Page compiled by .
Aegolius acadicus - Northern Saw-whet Owl - Page compiled by .
Megascops ingens - Rufescent Screech Owl - Page compiled by .
Megascops kennicottii - Western Screech Owl - Page compiled by .
Glaucidium cuculoides - Asian Barred Owlet - Page compiled by .
Strix nigrolineata - Black-and-White Owl - Page compiled by .
Strix nebulosa - Great Grey Owl - Page compiled by .
Megascops choliba - Tropical Screech Owl - Text by José Carlos Motta-Junior & Ana Cláudia Rocha Braga
Glaucidium brasilianum - Ferruginous Pygmy Owl - Page compiled by .
Strix omanensis - Omani Owl - Page compiled by .


Pharaoh Eagle Owl Bubo ascalaphus in flight - Contributed by Assaf Gavra
Owl Pyrography art - Contributed by Carlo Ferrario
Eurasian Pygmy Owl Glaucidium passerinum adult male - Contributed by Davis Drazdovskis
Barred Profile - Contributed by Lindsey Dahl
Sleeping Burrowing Owl - Contributed by Tim McEachern
Little Owl Athene noctua close-up - Contributed by Moshe Prager
Little Owls Athene noctua - Contributed by Moshe Prager
Barred Owl - Contributed by Tiffany Mootrey
Great Horned Owl & Moon - Contributed by Tiffany Mootrey
Barn Owl - Contributed by Tiffany Mootrey
Eagle Owl - Contributed by Tiffany Mootrey
Rufescent Screech Owl Megascops ingens - Contributed by Glenn Bartley
At Roost - Contributed by Abhijit Pachgade
Yungas Pygmy Owl Glaucidium bolivianum - Contributed by Francesco Veronesi
Tawny-browed Owl Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana - Contributed by Francesco Veronesi


Glaucidium radiatum - Typical call - Contributed by Frank Lambert
Otus pauliani - Typical call - Contributed by Charles Davies
Megascops vermiculatus - Typical calls - Contributed by Dan Lane
Megascops koepckeae - Typical calls - Contributed by Dan Lane
Glaucidium nanum - Typical calls - Contributed by Fabrice Schmitt
Glaucidium peruanum - Typical call - Contributed by Nick Athanas
Strix omanensis - Typical calls - Contributed by Arnoud van den Berg
Asio flammeus - Chick - Contributed by Nunes D'Acosta
Asio flammeus - Disturbed - Contributed by Nunes D'Acosta
Otus thilohoffmanni - Typical calls - Contributed by Craig Robson
Otus sunia - Typical calls - Contributed by Dave Farrow
Otus sunia - Typical calls - Contributed by George Wagner
Otus flammeolus - Typical call - Contributed by Bruce Marcot
Bubo coromandus - Typical calls - Contributed by Antero Lindholm
Otus balli - Typical calls - Contributed by Gerard Gorman


Owl Feet & Talons - Compiled by
The Caring Owl - Submitted by Chris Pretorius.
One-eyed Powerful Owl Family - Submitted by Richard Jackson
The Economic Value of Barn Owls - Article by Mark Browning
Owling, birding & traveling with Scottevest - Review by
'The Min Min Light: The Visitor Who Never Arrives' - Book by F.F. Silc... - Compiled by
'So what, Saw-whet' - Book by Rochelle Frank, photos by Linda Gast - Compiled by
'OwlCam: The Hidden World' - DVD by Owlbox Productions - Short Review by
Owlish words, meanings and origins - Compiled by
Myth of the Tawny Frogmouth "Owl" - Article by and Bruce G. Marcot
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