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Type File Name Size   Uploaded
pdf Low-Maintenance Barred Owl Nest Box Plans by Alfred Maley 1961 kB   2015-10-22
pdf Martin and Mikkola, 2014, The Changing face of the Tawny Owl 444 kB   2014-09-30
pdf Mike Kilburn, 2011. The First Breeding Records, Ecology, Status, and Conservation of Brown Wood Owl Strix leptogrammica ticehursti in Hong Kong 1733 kB   2014-09-10
pdf Mikkola et al. 2013. Sex-related dietary differences in Great Gray Owls in Finland and the USA 793 kB   2014-02-12
pdf Mikkola and Sieradzki. 2012. Early History of the Great Gray Owl in the New and Old World. 310 kB   2012-09-14
pdf Israels Owls 162 kB   2011-11-30
pdf The reproductive constraints on moult in the Ural Owl Strix uralensis 2329 kB   2011-11-30
pdf Screech Owl Nest Box Plans - Braddock Bay Raptor Research 357 kB   2011-03-01
pdf Imperilled Custodians of the Night - A Study of Illegal Trade, Trapping and Use of Owls in India 7221 kB   2010-12-07
pdf Nest Box Plans for Barred Owls by Michael Cantwell 1411 kB   2010-05-05
pdf Hawks and Owls - Damage Prevention and Control Methods 564 kB   2008-10-13
pdf The Diet of the Madagascar Red Owl (Tyto soumagnei) on the Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar 360 kB   2008-02-13
pdf Range extension of the Madagascar Red Owl Tyto soumagnei in Madagascar 3804 kB   2008-02-13
pdf Marcot, B., 2007, Unique Songs of African Wood-Owls (Strix woodfordii) in the Democratic Republic of Congo 202 kB   2007-05-21
pdf Proceedings of the Second International Little Owl Symposium, Oriolus 67 (2-3) 11957 kB   2006-10-07
pdf Burrowing Owl Nest Success and Burrow Longevity in North Central Oregon 358 kB   2006-02-22
pdf Iverson (2004) On Spotted Owls and Barred Owls: Comments on Methods and Conclusion 116 kB   2006-02-21
pdf Distribution, Numbers, and site characteristics of Spotted Owls and Barred Owls in the Cascade Mountains of Washington 782 kB   2006-02-21
pdf History of the Eastern Screech-Owl in NY City 1867-2005 1308 kB   2005-12-05
pdf The Screech-owls of Central Park 1036 kB   2005-10-29
pdf Owl Keeping 213 kB   2005-09-28
pdf Owl Emergency Care 139 kB   2005-09-28
pdf For the Love of Owls 3667 kB   2005-09-28
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