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Owls are arguably one of the most symbolic of creatures, representing wisdom, solitude, stealth, power and other positive attributes. It is understandable that many people choose to have their likeness tattooed on their body. Here is a small collection of Owl Tattoos that have been sent to us via the website or our Facebook page.

Tattoo Photos

Steampunk Owl tattoo
Steampunk Owl on Grace Porrello. Tattoo by Karl Berringer at 252 Tattoo in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Owl tattoo
Owl Tattoo on Andrea Mrozinski
Barn Owl tattoo
Barn Owl Tattoo on Roberto Cucchedda. Tattoo Artist: Matteo Pasqualin.
Clockwork Owl tattoo
Clockwork Owl by tattoo artist Chris Black from Eyecandy Tattoos in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Barn Owl tattoo
Barn Owl and Fall Leaves tattoo by artist Jeff Gogue, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.
Barn Owl tattoo
Barn owl tattoo by artist Cecil Porter, Murrieta, California, USA.
Saw-whet Owl tattoo
Northern Saw-whet Owl tattoo on Steve Huy by artist Chris Caldwell at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick, Maryland, USA.
Owl tattoo
Owl tattoo on Linsay Trerise by artist Claudia at Frith Street Tattoos, London.
Owl tattoo
Owl tattoo on Christy Boll.
Owl tattoo
Robyn's Owl tattoo.

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