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Rescue & Rehabilitation

Articles available:

Dealing with injured or orphaned owlsDealing with injured or orphaned owls
What to do if you find an injured or orphaned owl
Owls from the African Bird of Prey Sanctua...Owls from the African Bird of Prey Sanctua...
Photos of rescued owls at the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary in South Africa
The Caring OwlThe Caring Owl
A rehabilitated owl returnes to take care of his sick friends
There's an Owl in the ChimneyThere's an Owl in the Chimney
An owl is rescued from being trapped in a chimney
Great Horned Owl rescued from swimming poolGreat Horned Owl rescued from swimming pool
My First Contact with Barn OwlsMy First Contact with Barn Owls
Barn Owls rescued from certain death by a boy who discovers his calling in life
Tree ChildTree Child
A Story about the raising and releasing of a Barred Owl named Sushi
My OwlMy Owl
A descriptive story of a rescued Barn Owl
Eric the Tawny OwlEric the Tawny Owl
A story about what not to do if you come across a baby Tawny Owl