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Owl Physiology

Articles available:

General Owl PhysiologyGeneral Owl Physiology
General overview of owl physiology including labelled diagrams
Behaviour of OwlsBehaviour of Owls
What owls do, how owls act
Owl Food  & HuntingOwl Food & Hunting
How owls hunt and what owls eat
Digestion in OwlsDigestion in Owls
How Owls digest and process their food and produce pellets
Owl Eyes & VisionOwl Eyes & Vision
Learn about the remarkable vision of owls
Owl Ears & HearingOwl Ears & Hearing
See how an owl's unique sense of hearing works
Owl Feathers & FlightOwl Feathers & Flight
Owls have uniquely designed feathers, allowing silent flight and camouflage
Owl Beak or BillOwl Beak or Bill
Information about the beak or bill of an owl
Owl Feet & TalonsOwl Feet & Talons
Owls use their powerful talons for hunting - take a closer look at these formidable weapons
Owl Skeletal SystemOwl Skeletal System
About the skeleton and bone structure of owls
Owl Breeding & ReproductionOwl Breeding & Reproduction
An overview of the reproductive cycle of owls