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Owl nestbox links page - A look at the North American Owls with both biology and multimedia sections to help with the identification, enjoyment, and appreciation of these awesome winged predators.

World Owl Trust - Home site for the World Owl Trust which is based in Cumbria, England. Includes information about species and habitat conservation.

Owl Research Institute - Established in 1989 to study Owls, their association with other animals, and the environment in which they live.

Project Owlnet - Contributing to owl conservation by encouraging, facilitating and coordinating the monitoring of owl population trends by mist netting and banding migrant owls.

Group Noctua - Group who study the little owl in South Belgium (page is in French).

The Global Owl Project - A team of international scientists are undertaking a multi-year, worldwide project to resolve foundational aspects of taxonomy and conservation for the world's owls.

The International Festival of Owls

Owls... by Marcot - A collection of owl photos, sounds, poetry, stories and references by Bruce Marcot.

The Barn Owl Centre - An organisation in England promoting the conservation, rescue and rehabilitation of Owls and raptors.

The Barn Owl Trust - A national UK registered charity based in southwest England. They have been doing practical and advisory conservation work since 1988 and since the early 90's has been the main source of Barn Owl information in the UK with free leaflets covering all aspects of their conservation. - A new Barn Owl Box design constructed from durable, UV-resistant plastic. They also now make Screech Owl boxes.

The Hungry Owl Project - Their mission is to reduce the need for harmful pesticides & rodenticides by encouraging natural predators, through conservation of habitat, erecting nest boxes when appropriate, through research & education, and by providing a resource of help and information on alternative methods of sustainable pest management.

The Owl Foundation - The Owl Foundation is a non-profit conservation organization that operates a centre for both the rehabilitation to release status of Canadian Owl species, and the behavioural observation of permanently damaged wild owls in a breeding environment.

Blakiston's Fish Owl Project

Owl Brand Kits - Visit this site to check out the Discovery Viewer, featuring the Habitat and Life Cycle of a Barn Owl. Teacher's manuals are always free to download! Owl Brand Discovery Kits features two regional owl pellet dissection kits, and owl pellets perfect for any classroom.

Steenuilen Overleg Nederland (Stone) - Little Owl Working Group. (Page is in Dutch)

Stichting Kerkuilen Werkgroep Nederland - Barn Owl Protection Foundation in the Netherlands. (Page is in Dutch)

AG Eulen - German Work Group for the Protection of Owls. (Page is in German)

World of Owls - Northern Irelands Premier Owl, Bird of Prey and Exotic Animal Conservation Centre.

Owl Products

Owl Stuff - Owl artwork and merchandise from around the web.

The Owl Barn Gift Catalogue - Includes a selection of over 600 collectibles and gifts featuring Owls and other Birds of Prey.

Niki Owl books & gifts - Books, gifts, cards, prints and official merchandise. Niki owl is a seeker of wisdom, truth, love and hoots.

Other Links

HawkTalk - This is a site for information on birds of prey, falconry, and educational, entertaining programs about birds of prey by Monteen McCord, a falconer and lecturer.

Tanja Sova - Nature artwork by Tanja, including many Owls.

RollerFeeder Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - Makers of quality squirrel proof bird feeders since 1998. The bird feeder is designed to harmlessly roll squirrels off while catering to smaller and medium size native songbirds.

Ninox Pursuits - 'Nightlife of Australia - South-eastern Forests'. Have you ever heard the 'falling bomb' call of the Sooty Owl, the garrulous gurgling shriek of a Yellow-bellied Glider or the infamous 'screaming woman' call of the Barking Owl? These calls and many others are among the 53 sound recordings of nocturnal birds and mammals on this CD. - Resource for information on Hummingbirds, wild birds and Orioles as well as a selection of bird feeders, feeder accessories, waterers, and birdhouses.

Wild Bird Store Online - The Internet's best source for bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and all your birding accessories. They guarantee the Best Prices on quality birding products to help the backyard birder create an attractive habitat.

Nature's Wings - The web page of bird carver Tim McEachern, who specialises in creating incredible carvings of owls and other birds of prey.