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Owl artwork by Surinia Ulula

Surinia Ulula

Surinia Ulula

Margit Kastl, AKA "Surinia Ulula" is a freelance artist from Munich, Germany. She is obsessed with owls! You can visit her Facebook page or her shop on Society6.

Grass Owl drawing
Tyto longimembris. Eastern Grass Owl painting. November 2012.
Owl drawing
Uhu. Owl drawing. June 2014.
Milky Eagle Owl drawing
Milch Uhu. Milky Eagle Owl drawing. October 2013.
Barn Owl drawing
Tyto. Barn Owl drawing. November 2013.
Spectacled Owl drawing
Spectacled Owl. August 2013.
Barn Owl drawing
Schleiereulen. Barn Owls at nest. June 2014.
Snowy Owl drawing
Snowy Owl. August 2013.

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