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Owl carvings by Tim McEachern

Tim McEachern

Tim is a bird carver from New Hampshire, USA. You can visit Tim's Website or his facebook page.

Owl carvings in Tupelo wood

Barred Owl carving
Life-sized Barred Owl
Snowy Owl carving
Adult Male Snowy Owl
Barn Owl carving
Barn Owl in flight
Barn Owl carving
Barn Owl & Butterfly
Burrowing Owl carving
Burrowing Owl on base of cherry burl. August 2014.
Snowy Owl carving
Life-sized Snowy Owl November 2014.
Northern Pygmy Owl carving
Northern Pygmy Owl on a moss and lichen covered branch. December 2014.
Northern Saw-whet Owl carving
Northern Saw-whet Owl on stump of Brazilian lace wood. February 2015.
Eastern Screech Owl carving
Life-sized Eastern Screech Owl March 2015.
Northern Saw-whet Owl carving
"Saw-whet Owl Siesta" June 2015.
Snowy Owl carving
Miniature Flying Snowy Owl August 2015.
Barn Owl carving
Barn Owl in barn scene November 2015.

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