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James Eaton


James Eaton is based in South-East Asia, where he is joint owner of Birdtour Asia. He leads over 10 tours a year throughout South-East Asia, China and the Indian Subcontinent. James has a keen interest in bird photography, especially photographing the many rare, little known species in the Oriental region.





Pictures by James Eaton

Moluccan Masked Owl
Moluccan Masked Owl
Flores Scops Owl
Javan Scops Owl
Ryukyu Scops Owl
Wetar Scops Owl
Sangihe Scops Owl
Wallace's Scops Owl
Sichuan Wood Owl
Sichuan Wood Owl
Javan Owlet
Rote Boobook
Timor Boobook
Mindoro Hawk Owl
Seram Boobook
Seram Boobook