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Vermiculated Fishing Owl ~ Scotopelia bouvieri (Bubo bouvieri)


The Vermiculated Fishing Owl is a fairly large owl with no ear-tufts.

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  • Vermiculated Fishing Owl
  • Vermiculated Fishing Owl


Distribution: Southern Nigeria west to the Central African Republic and south to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and northwest Angola.

Range of Vermiculated Fishing Owl (Scotopelia bouvieri)
Range of the Vermiculated Fishing Owl Scotopelia bouvieri

Status: Uncertain. May be more common than originally thought.

Original Description: Sharpe, Richard Bowdler. 1875. Ibis, 3rd Series, vol. 5: p. 260.

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Scotopelia bouvieri at Xeno-canto.

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