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Rusty-barred Owl ~ Strix hylophila


The Rusty-barred Owl is a medium-sized owl with a rounded head and no ear-tufts. It is also known as the Brazilian Owl.

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Typical call - Minas Gerais, Brazil. August 2014. CC Kassius Santos.


Distribution: Southeast Brazil from Rio de Janeiro south to Rio Grande do Sul, as well as to east and south Paraguay and northeast Argentina.

Range of Rusty-barred Owl (Strix hylophila)
Range of the Rusty-barred Owl Strix hylophila

Status: Listed as 'Near Threatened' by Birdlife International.

Original Description: Temminck, Coenraad Jacob. 1825. Nouveau recueil de planches coloriees d'oiseaux, pour servier de suite et de complement aux planches enluminees de Buffon, livraison 63, pl. 373.

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Strix hylophila at Xeno-canto.

See also: Other owls from South America, Genus: Strix.

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