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Sjöstedt's Owlet ~ Glaucidium sjostedti (Taenioglaux sjostedti)


Sjöstedt's Owlet is a small owl with no ear-tufts. It is also known as the Splendid Owlet or Sjöstedt's Barred Owlet.

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  • Sjöstedt's Owlet
  • Sjöstedt's Owlet
  • Sjöstedt's Owlet


Distribution: Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo and the Democratic Rebublic of the Congo.

Status: Uncertain. Generally common and frequent in Gabon.

Original Description: Reichenow, Anton. 1893. Ornithologische Monatsberichte Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Anton Reichenow, 1, p. 65.

König, Claus & Weick, Friedhelm. 2008. "Owls: A Guide to the Owls of the World (Second Edition)". Yale University Press.

See also: Other owls from Africa, Genus: Glaucidium.

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