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Javan Scops Owl ~ Otus angelinae


The Javan Scops Owl is a very small owl with prominent ear-tufts.

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Distribution: The mountains of Java at altitudes of 900-2500m. Confirmed records from western and eastern Java. While no confirmed records exist for central Java, it is likely that this owl occures along the entire central mountain chain on this island.

Range of Javan Scops Owl (Otus angelinae)
Range of the Javan Scops Owl Otus angelinae

Status: Uncertain, probably rare. Listed as Vulnerable by BirdLife International.

Original Description: Finsch, Friedrich Hermann Otto. 1912. Ornithlogishce Monatsbeirchte, Heraussegeben von Dr. Ant. Reichenow , 20, p. 156-159

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