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São Tomé Scops Owl ~ Otus hartlaubi


The São Tomé Scops Owl is a very small owl with very small ear-tufts.

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Distribution: Endemic to São Tomé Island in the Gulf of Guinea on the western equatorial coast of Africa.

Range of São Tomé Scops Owl (Otus hartlaubi)
Range of the São Tomé Scops Owl Otus hartlaubi

Status: Listed as Vulnerable by Birdlife International.

Original Description: Giebel, Christoph, & Gottfried, Andreus. 1872. Thesaurus ornithologiae [Ornithological Thesaurus. Repertorium of the complete ornithological literature and nomenclature of the complete genera and species of birds next to synonyms and geographical distribution], 1, p. 448.

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Otus hartlaubi at Xeno-canto.

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