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Réunion Owl ~ Mascarenotus grucheti


The Réunion Owl was a small owl that became extinct before any living birds were described. It is only known from subfossil bones.


Distribution: Occurred on the Mascarene island of Réunion, east of Madagascar.

Status: Extinct.

Original Description: Mourer-Chauviré, Cécile; Bour, Roger; Moutou, François & Ribes, Sonia (1994): Mascarenotus nov. gen. (Aves, Strigiformes), genre endémique éteint des Mascareignes et M. grucheti n. sp., espèce éteinte de La Réunion. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris sér. II 318: 1699–1706.

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Mascarenotus grucheti at Xeno-canto.

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