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Andaman Masked Owl ~ Tyto deroepstorffi


The Andaman Masked Owl is a medium-sized owl with no ear-tufts. It is also known as the Andaman Barn Owl.

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  • Andaman Masked Owl
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Typical calls - Chalis Ek, North Andaman. January 2011. CC Pankaj Koparde.


Description: The facial disc is vinaceous brownish, with a prominent, orange-brown rim. The eyes are blackish-brown, and the bill cream-coloured.
The entire upperparts, including the wing-coverts, are dark brown with chocolate-brown patches and fine orange-buffish spots. The wings and tail are relatively short. The primaries, secondaries, and tail have a few narrow, darker bars.
The breast is golden-rufous, with blackish spots, becoming paler towards the belly, which is whitish.
Legs are feathered whitish-ochre to the base of the dark pinkish-grey toes. Claws are purple-grey.

Size: Length 30-36cm. Wing length 250-264mm. Tail length 110-113mm. Weight data unavailable.

Habits: The Andaman Masked Owl is a nocturnal bird, leaving its daytime roost at dusk.

Voice: A rather high-pitched, relatively short, slightly down-slurred, raspy screech lasting 0.5-0.7 seconds and breaking off abruptly - "sshreeet".

Hunting & Food: Little known, probably similar to that of other Barn Owls. Bones of rats and mice have been found in pellets collected at daytime roosts.

Breeding: The breeding habits of the Andaman Masked Owl are virtually unknown, but are probably similar to that of other Barn Owls.

Habitat: Coastal areas, fields, near and in human settlements, semi-open landscapes with trees.

Distribution: Endemic to the Andaman Islands.

Range of Andaman Masked Owl (Tyto deroepstorffi)
Range of the Andaman Masked Owl Tyto deroepstorffi

Status: Uncertain.

Original Description: Hume, Allan Octavian. 1875. Stray Feathers (Str. Feath) 3: p 390-391.

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Tyto deroepstorffi at Xeno-canto.

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