The Owl Pages

Owls from the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary

By Kevin McDonald


Outside of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, is the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary, a facility dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick and injured raptors. The facility also includes a display area where non-releasable birds are kept to educate and inform the public about these special creatures and also affords strigophiles like me the opportunity to photograph the birds. They have all but one of South Africa's owls on display and I would like to share portraits of these birds which I have taken over the past decade or so. All images © Kevin McDonald.

Cape Eagle Owl
Cape Eagle Owl Bubo capensis - this bird originated from the Midlands area and had been hit by a car. It can no longer fly so cannot be released.
Barn Owl
Barn Owl Tyto alba
African Grass Owl
African Grass Owl Tyto capensis
African Marsh Owl
African Marsh Owl Asio capensis
Pel's Fishing Owl
Pel's Fishing Owl Bubo peli - This is a rescued female bird named "Pisces". This awesome owl was found in a small cage in an animal facility in central Africa after apparently being there for "a very long time". She was brought to Lori Park Zoo in Johannesburg and then transferred to the Sanctuary.
Pearl-spotted Owlet
Pearl-spotted Owlet Glaucidium perlatum
Spotted Eagle Owl
Spotted Eagle Owl Bubo africanus
Southern White-faced Owl
Southern White-faced Owl Ptilopsis granti
Verreaux's Eagle Owl
Verreaux's Eagle Owl Bubo lacteus
African Wood Owl
African Wood Owl Strix woodfordii

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