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North American Owl Exhibition (page 2 of 3)

Northern Hawk Owl sculpture
Northern Hawk Owl. 18.75x7.5x5.75", completed July 2002.
Long-eared Owl sculpture
Long-eared Owl. 13.75x10x5", completed September 2003.
Northern Pygmy Owl sculpture
Northern Pygmy Owl. 12.5x8.5x5", completed February 2003.
Northern Saw-whet Owl sculpture
Northern Saw-whet. 11.25x9x6", completed February 2003.
Short-eared Owl sculpture
Short-eared Owl. 16.5x8x3.5", completed July 2002.
Snowy Owl sculpture
Snowy Owl. 21.5x11x5", completed July 2002.
Spotted Owl sculpture
Spotted Owl. 17.25x10x8" completed July 2002.
Western Screech Owl sculpture
Western Screech Owl. 14x7.25x4.5", completed April 2002.
Burrowing Owls sculpture
Burrowing Owlets. 17x13x3", completed January 2005.
Great Grey Owl sculpture
Great Grey Owl juvenile. 16x8.75x4.5" completed April 2003.

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