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Short DVD Review: 'Going Underground: The Natural History & Conservation of Burrowing Owls'

By Deane Lewis

Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owl DVD

The Burrowing Owl Research And Education program has combined forces with the Office of Naval Engineering and Field Activities West, and Peregrine Productions to bring you this instructional DVD on the natural history and conservation of Burrowing Owls.

The DVD is in Spanish and English and includes a 17 minute and 3 minute version, both suitable for ages 12 to adult. The film offers an excellent insight into the lives of Burrowing Owls, and highlights the importance of their habitat. This documentary discusses how environmental factors and human population pressures, such as commercial development and agriculture, affect these owls. It also explains some of the research aimed at finding solutions. We even get to follow the owls into their burrows and spy on the chicks with an infra-red camera.

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