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Short DVD synopsis: 'Backyard Barn Owls' by Bert Kersey

By Deane Lewis

Barn Owls

Backyard Barn Owls

This highly entertaining and educational 26 minute DVD follows the lives of a barn owl family living in a nest box in Fallbrook, California.

It is split into 2 parts:

Part 1 consists of film footage of the owl family with musical accompaniment. We see intimate close-ups as the parents mate, the eggs are laid and hatched, and the chicks are tenderly looked after. One highlight is the very comical "flight school" as the owlets learn to use their wings.

Part 2 is narrated by the author and photographer. He shares interesting facts about barn owls, as well as technical details about how he set up the owl box and achieved the wonderful images in this video.

This Video won the North County Videomakers 'Best of 2003 NCV Video Contest'.

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