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Short Book Review: 'North American Owls: Journey Through a Shadowed World' by Jim Burns

By Deane Lewis

North American Owls

Owl Book

Instead of creating another field guide, bird photographer Jim Burns has approached writing this book from a different angle. Covering 19 species of North American owls, he sets about describing his own personal observations and experiences with each species in a "journal of owling". His style of writing brings forth the mysterious and illusive side of owls and owling, creating in the reader a sense of desire to experience the owls as he did.

The writings for each species are accompanied by beautiful photographs, including wing detail from above and below. There is also a brief statistics table for each species covering description, size, vocalization, nesting, movements, habits, range and habitat.

Accompanying the Book is short audio CD containing the calls of each of the species in the book. Generally, it is the main call, but several tracks have alternative songs as well. For this reason, it would have been good to have a more detailed track listing than the one provided in the book.

Overall, "North American Owls, a Journey through a Shadowed World" is a splendid experience for any owl lover, and is likely to draw all readers to this unique bird family.

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