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Study examines declining numbers of boobook owls in Perth, Wheatbelt - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Australia's smallest and most common species of owl is in decline, and a Perth researcher is determined to find out why.
Groundbreaking research puts adorable saw-whet owls on the map — literally | MNN - Mother Nature Network
A grad student and a conservation photographer are working to bring attention to these tiny owls flying into a surprising part of the country.
Tracking the nighttime travels of the cryptic powerful owl
How much space does a powerful owl need to live the good life in Melbourne's suburbs? Researchers are about to find out.
Endangered owls released on Upper Nicola Band land
Local news for Kamloops and the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Stuff that matters!
Baby screech owls back safe with mom, dad in North Naples
Someone found the tiny owls, smaller than a fist and covered in gray fluff, and called Conservancy of Southwest Florida.
Taj Mahal now home to rare dusky eagle owl - Times of India
A rare dusky eagle owl fledgling was rescued from Taj Mahal premises in Agra by Wildlife SOS. The bird is currently under observation at the Wildlife Hospital in Agra and will be released back into its natural habitat once it is fit for release. Efforts are on to locate the nest and place the fledgling back in its nest to reunite it with its family.
A case for the endangered owls - Entertainment - The Kathmandu Post
Around 225 species of owl are found in the world; of which, two were listed on the IUCN Red List last year. Nepal is home to a total of 21 species of owl and four species among them are categorised as endangered.
The owl man: saving the incredible bird you've probably never heard of | Environment | The Guardian
Jonathan Slaght has dedicated his professional life to safeguarding the rare Blakiston’s fish owl, the world’s biggest owl. But he wouldn’t have it any other way
Cumbrian wildlife refuge dealing with surge in rescued owls | Cumberland News
A CUMBRIAN wildlife centre has seen an influx in numbers of one particular feathered friend.
Snowy Owls: 26 Captured and Banded at Boston's Logan Airport [INTERVIEW] : News : Nature World News
Last year, 49 Snowy Owls from the Arctic were banded at Boston's Logan Airport. This year, 28 so far have been captured and banded. The birds seem to like airports because they resemble Arctic tundra: windy, barren. Researcher Norman Smith has studied the owls since 1981.
Owls to the rescue: Nesting boxes attract the predatory birds that control rodents | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mark Browning, a biologist and former zoo animal handler, has developed a nesting box for owls for conservation-minded rodent control.
Project SNOWstorm: Snowy Owls on the Wing – Cool Green Science
Project SNOWstorm is working to answer questions about how Snowy Owls use the landscape, answers that will be of value in conserving future habitat for snowies and protecting them from potential threats.
New Nest Box Study Revolutionizes Using Barn Owls for Rodent Control
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- New Nest Box Study Revolutionizes Using Barn Owls for Rodent Control.
Powerful owl found tangled in rope and hanging from tree rescued in Sydney - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
A rare powerful owl is released back into the wild after being found tangled in rope and hanging from a tree at Engadine in Sydney's south.
MPSJ tries barn owls for rat control | Malaysia | Malay Mail Online
SUBANG JAYA, Dec 24 — The Subang Jaya Municipal Council is counting on the predatory skills of barn owls to curb its rodent problems. The council has joined forces with Universiti Sains Malaysia | Malaysia | Malay Mail Online
Bird banders puzzled by snowy owl numbers, health in Michigan | WKAR
There are over 200 different species of owls, but only one that can survive the temperatures of the Arctic: the snowy owl. A small number of these owls

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