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Mountain Wood Owl ~ Strix newarensis


The Mountain Wood Owl is a fairly large owl with no ear-tufts. Some authors name this species the Himalayan Wood Owl, which can be confused with Strix nivicolum, which also called the Himalayan Wood Owl.

This species is not recognised by the International Ornithological Congress, who consider it a sub-species of the Brown Wood Owl Strix leptogrammica.

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  • Mountain Wood Owl
  • Mountain Wood Owl
  • Mountain Wood Owl
  • Mountain Wood Owl


Distribution: Pakistan and Nepal east to China and Taiwan and south to Indochina.

Original Description: Hodgson, Brian Houghton. 1836. Asiatic Researches, or Asiatick Research (As.Res.; or transactions of the society instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the history, the antiquities, the arts, and sciences, and literature of Asia) 19: p 168.

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